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Elecon investing in technology

TruPunch 3000Elecon’s dedication to the highest class machines stretches across all areas of production. Where laser machining is not required or suitable, punching can be used for many tasks. Elecon’s new TruPunch 3000 punch press machine has a 1250 x 2500 - axis table, high positioning speed and can perform high speed punching and forming delivering the best quality results in sheet metal processing.

Elecon’s commitment to delivering top quality results using the best technology and skilled engineers produces the highest quality results on time and in line with industry standards. Complex tasks such as progressive ribbing and progressive extrusion processing are quickly and easily achieved using the TruPunch 3000 machine. This value on quality in all areas means that customers of Elecon can be confident of results even on fast turnarounds, allowing them to develop and expand their business.


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